There is Always Time

There is always time. It never waits for us, but it is always there, taking each moment that passes and hoarding it to itself. Time is the great miser. The dragon that sleeps upon its horde of moments, preventing any one of us from stealing some time back, or going back and changing the saidContinue reading “There is Always Time”

Of All the Dimensions in All the Universes

They all said how they had never seen me so happy, which I suppose must mean I was once a very miserable bugger indeed. ‘When can we meet her?’ It was a question I grew tired of hearing. I developed an extensive repertoire of evasive, non-committal responses. Of course, the best one was eventually admittingContinue reading “Of All the Dimensions in All the Universes”

Between and Beyond Everything

It grew from nothing. The universe is emptier than we think. Everything that looks so solid is full of nothing, emptiness waiting to be filled. Out there, though, beyond what we like to see as reality, mysterious things were waiting. They were not even living, not even creatures… yet. But given enough space, they grewContinue reading “Between and Beyond Everything”

The World Storms

Sometimes there are too many worlds out there. They fall across each other, overlapping and spilling into each other. It takes time to sort them out, put each one back on its own track, give each one its own independent timeline again. The technicians gossip, as technicians always do, that the storms are getting worse.Continue reading “The World Storms”

Back When These Words Were Written

These words were left here long ago. That was back in the time when humans used the written word. There are not many left who still know how to read, mostly only enthusiasts and academic experts. Back when these words were written, people used things they called books, huge bulky collections of written words toContinue reading “Back When These Words Were Written”

A Cave Like No Other

It was all too different, all too strange. Helda sat in the corner of the strange cave, her knees drawn up and her arms wrapped tight around them. The stuff she sat on was hard, like the stone of a cave, but smooth and so white. Above her was some sort of fire that gaveContinue reading “A Cave Like No Other”

Software Problems

But, as you have probably worked out by now, it wasn’t supposed to work out like this. Somewhere, buried within the code, there must be a bug. Some have suggested that we take it down, rewrite the code and reboot the whole system. The Boss is not happy about that, though. Although, someone did pointContinue reading “Software Problems”

Not Fade Away

She was not there when Paul woke up. He was used to that now, even though he didn’t like it. He was never sure where Katie had gone or how long she would be. He got out of bed and opened the curtains, looking out on another bright early summer day. It was supposed toContinue reading “Not Fade Away”

Such Sad Grey Eyes

She had such sad grey eyes, deep and unfathomable. I could lie there in her small bed, just lost in those eyes as though deep on some journey far away from any land I had known before. ‘Where are you from?’ I asked her once. Ailene was silent for a while. ‘Far away,’ she saidContinue reading “Such Sad Grey Eyes”

New on Wattpad: Juggling Balls Chapter 10

[Read Juggling Balls from the start] Back at the house, Sam and Lisa unloaded the shopping from the car. Meanwhile, Martin slipped back into his room to see if the computer had come up with anything new. Nothing happened with the computer at all. Some sort of screen-saver was throwing random blocks of colour around theContinue reading “New on Wattpad: Juggling Balls Chapter 10”

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