Sometimes We Forget

Of course, we forgot. Forgetting is so easy, except for those things we do not want to forget. Even now, after all these years, us older ones cannot forget those times, or what came after. Now, though, there is so much to remember, and – well – sometimes, we forget. Susan must have forgotten, that’sContinue reading “Sometimes We Forget”

The Others

The mornings were cold, dark and slow. Jenna felt a reluctance to leave the warmth of her bed and shuffle out into the cold and dark, especially now. She knew she was safe, for now, inside the house. But she didn’t know how long it would last. The Others, out there, were learning, or remembering,Continue reading “The Others”

Tales of the Old Used to Be

There was a time when there used to be stories here. These fires, burning through the night, would be where the people gathered as they waited for sleep to come. We would tell each other tales; sometimes the tales of The Old Used to Be, sometimes tales of hunts, scavengers, loves and loses. Even then,Continue reading “Tales of the Old Used to Be”

An Alternate Beginning

All of this, though, was different. ‘Where are we? Polly knelt on the ground, her hands pressed into the pale, sandy earth. ‘I don’t know.’ ‘You were driving.’ ‘It was true, I had been driving. But, back then we had a car. I sat up and looked around. There was no car, not now. ‘Well?’Continue reading “An Alternate Beginning”

New on Wattpad: Juggling Balls Chapter Three

[Read Juggling Balls from the start]   A few moments later, Martin was back in the hallway heading to the kitchen. A frantic banging on the front door stopped him in his tracks. He opened the door to Fiona standing on the step struggling under the weight of what looked like the innards of a knackeredContinue reading “New on Wattpad: Juggling Balls Chapter Three”

New Novel Out Now: In the Beginning

My latest novel In the Beginning is out – on Kindle – today. Get it here (UK) or here (US). In the Beginning  It’s a God’s life. Albert Meadows, recently made redundant and tired of his disappointing life, is looking to make a new start and is desperate to find something worthwhile to fill hisContinue reading “New Novel Out Now: In the Beginning”

Beyond These Skies

Beyond these skies, there are places where we meet again. We take a journey deep into the distances of these night skies, beyond the stars to a time when we were in each other’s arms. Time and place, here and now, there and then, twist around each other and turn into these locations where weContinue reading “Beyond These Skies”

When Worlds Tumble and Fall

I remember her. I will not allow myself to forget her, even as each day takes us further away from each other. I want to find her again, go back and see her again. But, if the theorists are right, these dimensions we tumble through are infinite, without end, I doubt if I will everContinue reading “When Worlds Tumble and Fall”

First Contact

‘That one. The small blue and green one.’ ‘Are you sure?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Signals…? What sort of signals?’ ‘Ah… that is where our scientists disagree.’ ‘Why? Surely the mere existence of the signal must indicate intelligent life?’ The chief scientist nodded his left head while one of his tentacles scratched the other. ‘Not necessarily. I mean,Continue reading “First Contact”

A Sky with No Stars

‘Don’t you ever just come up here to look at the stars?’ she said. ‘No.’ I glanced up at the view window for a moment. There were stars out there, millions of them… as usual. The brush made a coughing sound and stopped. I kicked it and it scuttled off towards a recharging point. ‘WhyContinue reading “A Sky with No Stars”

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