The Times Before

It began out here, far from any place. But the ruins still remain, showing that, long before these times, people lived here. At least, that is what the legends say. The stories were passed down from Old One to Old One, telling of the times before long ago. Times when these places rose up likeContinue reading “The Times Before”

Those Old Stories

Out there, in the wastelands, lie the remains of the cities the gods built. At least, according to the legends, the gods built them. The old ones, at night around our fires, tell us the stories their old ones told them when they were young. These are the stories of the gods who lived hereContinue reading “Those Old Stories”


It fell like slowness through the void. It slept a long time, while outside the stars revolved and the silence grew with distance. It slept because there was nothing to do. It slept so long that it forgot the name it used to have. It forgot the peoples, the hive it grew from and –Continue reading “Exile”

The Borderlands

It began out near the Borderlands. None of us knew what it meant at the time. The Borderlands had been out of bounds ever since the Dark Time. People died out there in the Early Days, and those that survived and came back to the Homeplace, they soon got sick and died too. Or, atContinue reading “The Borderlands”

The World In Her Hand

At first when Rose told me, I didn’t believe her. After all, I was the one with a physics degree. If I didn’t know how the universe worked down to the last detail, at least I had a good idea what was going on…. Or that was what I thought until I saw what RoseContinue reading “The World In Her Hand”

A Traveller In The Possible Worlds

It is time to turn away from this road. It is time to take the turning I would not normally take. All along this route, I searched for a place to stay. Looked for some new place I could call home. I have stood in the cities all across this and the other possible worlds,Continue reading “A Traveller In The Possible Worlds”

One Of Those Mornings

As mornings go, Cheld thought, it was one of the better ones. Anyway, she’d had worse. At least this one started where it should, at dawn. The sun was behaving as it should too, rising up out across the horizon. Which was all good. Except for the colour. Cheld had hung around on quite aContinue reading “One Of Those Mornings”

The Waiting Rooms

It was strange, the way they appeared, emerging out of the world like something surreal. A bit like some cartoon where Droopy, Daffy duck, or someone like that, folds up the cartoon world and pockets it, but in reverse. These places unfolded themselves out of the thin air. It was that old SF and FantasyContinue reading “The Waiting Rooms”

The Twisting Of Distance

It came out of distances. There are places beyond all we could ever know. Once there were horizons that put a limit on how far our seeing could go. Even after they had gone and the instruments to see further came along, there were still distances too far to know. Then we thought that seeingContinue reading “The Twisting Of Distance”

Saving It All Up

I hadn’t seen one before. Not up close. Even though I knew I wanted one and I even felt like I needed one, I wasn’t sure why I wanted, needed, one. Back at the shelter, those who had one often kept those of us without one at a distance. They called us singles and tendedContinue reading “Saving It All Up”

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