Watching Over Us All

There were times, back before these hollow skies, when we thought that up there, there were beings watching over us. We thought every wrong deed, every cruel action, or bad thought would bring punishment down upon us. We thought virtue would bring rewards, while kindness and compassion recorded and each noble action credited. We thought,Continue reading “Watching Over Us All”

Tea Break At The World’s End

  It began – as do all the important events in life – with a nice cup of tea. Then the world ended. Which was a bit unusual. Luckily, though, Ben had finished his cup of tea and placed the empty mug down on a firm surface. So, even when the world ended, he didContinue reading “Tea Break At The World’s End”

Over By The Tree

‘Look!’ ‘What? Where?’ ‘Oh… hang on. No…. It doesn’t matter.’ ‘What doesn’t matter?’ ‘No, it’s gone now… forget about it.’ ‘How can I forget about it now? When I don’t know what it is I’m supposed to be forgetting?’ ‘I said it didn’t matter.’ ‘It’s too late for that now. Now, it does matter, becauseContinue reading “Over By The Tree”

The Beasts Of The City

Well, sometimes it doesn’t seem so bad. After all, there is no rush hour these days. There is no idiot TV and there is a blessed freedom from arseholes mouthing their opinions and dickheads telling you what they think. Best of all, though, there are no politicians. Worst of all there are no women inContinue reading “The Beasts Of The City”

The Uneasy Silence

There were too many things left unresolved. Out here, where there is only silence and the hours drag, there is little else to do, except think. When you look out on that vast infinity of stars out there, there is too much time to sit and brood on what might have been. Looking out onContinue reading “The Uneasy Silence”

The Streets Are Grass

The Streets Are Grass Back then we had history; we had a past. All that is gone now. All that remains are these ruins from a time long gone. A time that will never return. Even now, amongst the younger ones, the past is just a place of stories and wonder. Just tales told aroundContinue reading “The Streets Are Grass”

The Lucky Ones

What could be done? We were just ordinary people, living ordinary lives until the day it all changed. None of us knew much about how the world around us worked and was organised. We all just got on with life as best we could, while around us this huge complex beast that provided us withContinue reading “The Lucky Ones”

The Halls Of Mirrors

It was not that simple. These worlds grow complicated, the more we find. The more angles there are, the more degrees of separation. It is like turning a corner in a corridor in you dreams to find more corridors, more corners, stretching off into the distance as far as the eye can see. It isContinue reading “The Halls Of Mirrors”

Written In The Sand

So many words heaped up here into these shapes. Sculptures left here in this desert and scoured by the wind. Each word carved out of an unwilling stone and then dragged here through these trudging dunes in the teeth of the unceasing wind. Then we place them here as though these heaps of carved wordsContinue reading “Written In The Sand”

On The Run

It began, much as these events do, in the morning. The darkness was fading slowly into a dawn as we struggled out of our sleeping blankets. The winter had turned to spring then summer and we had put away our furs and our tents. Most of us now slept under the open sky and onlyContinue reading “On The Run”

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