The Slippage

  Sometimes this world slips and one of those other worlds that lie on its edges slips through. This doesn’t usually matter that much for it is the nature of these worlds, these universes, that edge against each other that they are very similar. They change more the further they are from one another, untilContinue reading “The Slippage”

The City Was A Dream

The city was a dream we created and told one another. We made its streets and buildings, filling it all with a population on the move from here to there and back again. We grew too used to the silence in the Hollow Years. The silence of the brooding remains haunted our every day. TheContinue reading “The City Was A Dream”

Lizard Man

Despite the heat he always wore the same clothes, day in, day out: A long raincoat, a homburg hat, and a pair of dusty torn trousers with ragged turn-ups – which seemed to emphasise those feet of his. The long, arching claws emerging out of his scaly skin like scimitars. In the heat of mid-dayContinue reading “Lizard Man”

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