The Others

The mornings were cold, dark and slow. Jenna felt a reluctance to leave the warmth of her bed and shuffle out into the cold and dark, especially now. She knew she was safe, for now, inside the house. But she didn’t know how long it would last. The Others, out there, were learning, or remembering,Continue reading “The Others”

This Land’s End

He drove into the evening, as the sun grew lower in the sky. He saw the land end and the sea begin. Then he saw the cottage there on the coast. She stood outside the open door waiting for him. ‘You came?’ she said. He nodded. ‘How could I not come?’ He turned to seeContinue reading “This Land’s End”

The Encroaching Shadow of Another World

Paula wasn’t sure when she lost this world. It began slowly, almost imperceptibly. She saw shadows on the edge of her sight, like some bird flying across her peripheral vision. At first, in the beginning, she dismissed them and went on about her life as normal. Then, after a while, she noticed the shadows creepingContinue reading “The Encroaching Shadow of Another World”

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