Jehovah’s Perverts

It happens usually about once a month or so with all the inevitability of a drunken celebrity appearing in the tabloid headlines. There you are going about your normal daily business, maybe oiling your sex spatulas or ritually polishing your perversion tandem when there comes a knock on your doorbell. Maybe you are expecting aContinue reading “Jehovah’s Perverts”

Use Of the Barn

During the traditional British summer, it is often the case that the frequent drizzle gives way to actual rain. For those who do not wish to partake of fully-moistened perversions then it is advisable to gather all ones accoutrements together and repair to some place more suitable, and – hopefully – drier. Traditionally, in theContinue reading “Use Of the Barn”

From There to Here

This takes the slow beginning and turns the tentative into movement. My hand strokes down her face. She kisses my fingertips and there is another of those tentative smiles. Again, she says ‘we shouldn’t do this’ as her hands betray her words and she pulls my shirt open, leaning forwards to kiss down my chest.Continue reading “From There to Here”

Left on Her Shores

A slow moment held in her hands as if she can grasp time itself, take it out of the air and keep it. Her hands lie high above her head as she lies there, opening and closing them as though reaching and holding each moment. Her breath grows heavier, harder, as though she is strugglingContinue reading “Left on Her Shores”

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