No Sun or Stars

That winter was cold and dark, colder and darker than any winter I remember. It did not snow that much, so it was not a proper cold winter. It rained, and the mornings were dull and misty. Everything felt damp, with a coldness that wearied rather than chilled. I remember longing for one of thoseContinue reading “No Sun or Stars”

When the Crows Laugh

We knew the story long before we young ones realised the place existed. A tale told by the old ones around the fires at night. They talked of the Old Times, and we thought they were just stories. Stories like the tales of the various long-ago gods fighting each other until they killed this world.Continue reading “When the Crows Laugh”

A World Written on it

There was nothing there. Zeka stood in the doorway, looking back at her flat. It was normal in its chaotic untidiness. Her work briefcase lay where she’d dropped it last night as she came in late, struggling to juggle it and the takeaway she’d picked up as she’d come past the shop on her wayContinue reading “A World Written on it”

Ingar was a Shadow

She walked only in the shadows and held the secrets of the darkness in her hands. She could take the night and wrap it around herself, becoming a deeper darkness in the deeper shadows of the night. She knew how to move so her passing was a cool night time breeze from an open window,Continue reading “Ingar was a Shadow”

Held in the Darkness

It was a long dark. It was a lonely dark. Lona lost track of the time, she lost track of her place. The darkness went beyond the mere darkness and beyond the shadows where she knew not to tread. Helda had told her that it was for Lona to come to know the darkness, toContinue reading “Held in the Darkness”

Universal Woes

‘It’s this universe you sold me last week.’ ‘Oh, yes. The NuCreation 159B – Model x1W? What’s wrong with it?’ ‘It doesn’t work.’ ‘Really? That is unusual. The x1W is usually very reliable. Most of the supreme beings we’ve sold it to down the aeons have been very satisfied with it.’ ‘Well, this one. ItContinue reading “Universal Woes”

Down in the Warrens

The Warrens were a dangerous place; everyone knew that, especially those living in the Warrens. They knew they didn’t so much live there as survive another day, and – possibly – another night. The Warrens were not for the faint of heart, the nervous or even the credulous. Those that survived there survived on cunning,Continue reading “Down in the Warrens”

A World Spinning Out of Control

There were too many times now to dismiss them to all as accident or coincidence. Gina was getting increasingly nervous, unsure if her day would be normal, or if it would be One of those Days. There were people for whom one of those days was little more than a string of petty inconveniences, butContinue reading “A World Spinning Out of Control”

A Cave Like No Other

It was all too different, all too strange. Helda sat in the corner of the strange cave, her knees drawn up and her arms wrapped tight around them. The stuff she sat on was hard, like the stone of a cave, but smooth and so white. Above her was some sort of fire that gaveContinue reading “A Cave Like No Other”

This Land’s End

He drove into the evening, as the sun grew lower in the sky. He saw the land end and the sea begin. Then he saw the cottage there on the coast. She stood outside the open door waiting for him. ‘You came?’ she said. He nodded. ‘How could I not come?’ He turned to seeContinue reading “This Land’s End”

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