The Encroaching Shadow of Another World

Paula wasn’t sure when she lost this world. It began slowly, almost imperceptibly. She saw shadows on the edge of her sight, like some bird flying across her peripheral vision. At first, in the beginning, she dismissed them and went on about her life as normal. Then, after a while, she noticed the shadows creepingContinue reading “The Encroaching Shadow of Another World”

New on Wattpad: Juggling Balls Chapter 4

[Read Juggling Balls from the start] The woman was wearing the shirt John had been wearing the evening before. She smiled tentatively. ‘Hello, I’m Mandy, you must be… Martin… right?’ She ran a hand through her shaggy blonde curls. Martin said hello and admitted he was, in fact, the Martin in question. Mandy’s smile lost itsContinue reading “New on Wattpad: Juggling Balls Chapter 4”

New on Wattpad: Juggling Balls Chapter Three

[Read Juggling Balls from the start]   A few moments later, Martin was back in the hallway heading to the kitchen. A frantic banging on the front door stopped him in his tracks. He opened the door to Fiona standing on the step struggling under the weight of what looked like the innards of a knackeredContinue reading “New on Wattpad: Juggling Balls Chapter Three”

New Novel Out Now: In the Beginning

My latest novel In the Beginning is out – on Kindle – today. Get it here (UK) or here (US). In the Beginning  It’s a God’s life. Albert Meadows, recently made redundant and tired of his disappointing life, is looking to make a new start and is desperate to find something worthwhile to fill hisContinue reading “New Novel Out Now: In the Beginning”

The Numbers of the Beasts

They are out there, the creeping things. A smell blows in on the breeze, a smell of corruption, of rotten meat, of beast. A smell of creatures long lost to memory, but still lurking there, waiting to return. No-one knows where they came from. Some talk of conspiracies and experiments. Others look at the skyContinue reading “The Numbers of the Beasts”

The Door Out of Her Dreams

There used to be a way back. There used to be some way out for her. Sometimes it was a struggle to break free and escape, but up until now, there had always been a way out. Now, though, Sondra could not find the key that would unlock the door and let her out ofContinue reading “The Door Out of Her Dreams”

When the World Comes Creeping In

Sometimes I didn’t know what to do about it. The world was not supposed to be like this. The world was supposed to make sense. At least as far as what was there when I went to sleep at night would be there more or less the same the next morning. After all, that isContinue reading “When the World Comes Creeping In”

New Updated Book Cover: An Undulation of a Shadow’s Edge

I have updated the cover for my short story: An Undulation of a Shadow’s Edge above. Here is the book description: Dark creatures writhe in the city’s shadows, Claire has seen them and seen their hungry eyes watching her… and waiting. Claire avoids the darkness and the shadows of the city’s nights because she knowsContinue reading “New Updated Book Cover: An Undulation of a Shadow’s Edge”

Searching for Someone Special

How this falls into her open hand is something Reeta does not want to understand. She likes the mystery of it. As far as she knows, she is the only one who can do it. She has never met anyone who has admitted they can do it. But then, she is not sure how anyoneContinue reading “Searching for Someone Special”

New Updated Book Cover: Twisting the Night Away

I have updated the cover for my short story: Twisting the Night Away above. I’ve updated the book description too: (Short story – 5,000 words approx.) What could be a better way of getting an ex-girlfriend back than a magic carpet ride through the night to a romantic evening together in some alternate dimension? ThatContinue reading “New Updated Book Cover: Twisting the Night Away”

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