Where this World Turns to Shadow

This world has so many secrets it keeps hidden around corners, in dark places, under the shadows, beyond the ability of eyes to see or fingers to reach. Shona knew many of those dark places, those hidden shadowed corners, but not all of them. Even though she was now beginning to feel her age, sheContinue reading “Where this World Turns to Shadow”

Shadows Only

Shadows Only We are shadows only, leaving No real mark of our soft passing. Leaving only hollow echoes Fading slowly between then and now. Memories are small and fragile. Lost amongst the magnitude of what Ought to be remembered as days Go by, falling one after another Into the heaping past. Lost to recall InContinue reading “Shadows Only”

When The Shadows Call

When the shadows call, we can hide there and let the daytime pass us by. We wait for darkness before we move. We wait for the night to cover the sky with its deep blankets before we dare creep from the shadows where we hide. They are out there, looking for us. We know onlyContinue reading “When The Shadows Call”

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