The Witching Hour

It wasn’t what she expected. But then she was twenty-five now. She’d learnt that whatever you expected, what tended to turn up wasn’t it. Sheena had, long ago, given up on magic. She knew the world didn’t work like that. She’d given up on it as more or less the same time she’d given upContinue reading “The Witching Hour”

All Our Dreams

Too many of those mornings were lost to rain. Jenny stood at the window, looking out each morning as though she was seeing portents in the falling rain. She would turn back to look at me, as I waited for her to come back to bed, as if the world outside were my fault. But,Continue reading “All Our Dreams”

Back When this World was Young

Then there were all the times when I lost my grip on this world. Those times when I let go of it and it slipped out of my grasp. It was not easy getting the world back, reforming the shape of it, making it good once more. Back then, thousands died when I let theContinue reading “Back When this World was Young”

The Hunters

Marion crouched down at the edge of the clearing, listening. At first, all she could hear was the thump of her own heart, the throb of the blood in her veins, and her panting breath. She took several slow deep breaths, her hands pressing down on her thighs. There was a rustle, sudden in theContinue reading “The Hunters”

The Numbers of the Beasts

They are out there, the creeping things. A smell blows in on the breeze, a smell of corruption, of rotten meat, of beast. A smell of creatures long lost to memory, but still lurking there, waiting to return. No-one knows where they came from. Some talk of conspiracies and experiments. Others look at the skyContinue reading “The Numbers of the Beasts”

The Sculpture Garden

It was the neighbour who alerted us. Mary was driving, so I took the call. Mary glanced across at me after I’d signed off on the shout. ‘What does that mean?’ I shrugged. ‘It could be anything.’ ‘Yes, that’s what worries me.’ The scar above her eye crinkled as she frowned. ‘Don’t worry,’ I said.Continue reading “The Sculpture Garden”

Beyond These Skies

Beyond these skies, there are places where we meet again. We take a journey deep into the distances of these night skies, beyond the stars to a time when we were in each other’s arms. Time and place, here and now, there and then, twist around each other and turn into these locations where weContinue reading “Beyond These Skies”

When the World Goes Away

It looked different now. Carla stared out at the sea, standing on the almost empty beach. Already the scene flickered in and out of focus like a poor TV signal on a stormy night. A dog barked nearby. She shifted to see the dog, a young Labrador, barking at the waves as they rolled towardsContinue reading “When the World Goes Away”

The Invisible World

Shelly didn’t know, couldn’t remember when it began. She assumed it had always been there. She had, as a child, always been good – too good – at hide and seek. So much so, that she’d become bored of how easy it was to stay hidden. As she got older and trouble happened around her,Continue reading “The Invisible World”

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