New Home Secretary in Billy Connolly Tribute

New Home Secretary performs his tribute to Billy Connolly’s incontinence pants routine outside the Home Office Yesterday the newly-appointed Home Secretary in the UK government celebrated his new position by performing a tribute to what he called ‘my favourite comedy routine’. ‘As we all know,’ the new Home Secretary said. ‘Billy Connolly’s immortal comment ‘TheContinue reading “New Home Secretary in Billy Connolly Tribute”

The Revolting Peasantry

‘Is it that bad?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Oh.’ The emperor stared deep into his aviary. Birds he almost understood, in as much as an emperor needed to understand anything. After all, he had advisors for that sort of thing. But people, he did not understand people. He glanced up at the chancellor. ‘Why are they revolting?’ TheContinue reading “The Revolting Peasantry”

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