At The End of the Day

Paul didn’t know where she’d gone. He called out as he came home as usual, expecting Steph to reply. There was only silence. The house felt empty. He listened for a moment, expecting her to call from somewhere else in the house, but when she didn’t call back, he strolled into her office, pushing theContinue reading “At The End of the Day”

When the World Comes Creeping In

Sometimes I didn’t know what to do about it. The world was not supposed to be like this. The world was supposed to make sense. At least as far as what was there when I went to sleep at night would be there more or less the same the next morning. After all, that isContinue reading “When the World Comes Creeping In”

New at Wattpad: An Undulation of a Shadow’s Edge

Sometimes, Claire glimpsed a world hidden away behind her thoughts. Back there, in the shadows, were those lurking creatures she tried not to think about too often. She knew those dark creatures hid in the shadows behind her. Occasionally, she saw flickers in mirrors and reflected back from the glass she brought up to herContinue reading “New at Wattpad: An Undulation of a Shadow’s Edge”

A World in Reach

Sometimes her world looked different to Jennil. It was hard to say what was wrong, but then it was hard to say what was right with the ordinary, everyday world. The world was just the way it was and it was the way it usually was. When she was younger, Jennil had tried to askContinue reading “A World in Reach”

The Morning Waiting Outside

It was just another day. An ordinary day. At least that was what Steve kept telling himself. He had tried telling himself it was a dream. Maybe, it was one of those dreams where you think you are actually awake, but you are dreaming. A dream was the only explanation for the…. It had workedContinue reading “The Morning Waiting Outside”

The Invisible World

Shelly didn’t know, couldn’t remember when it began. She assumed it had always been there. She had, as a child, always been good – too good – at hide and seek. So much so, that she’d become bored of how easy it was to stay hidden. As she got older and trouble happened around her,Continue reading “The Invisible World”

She Was Awoken

She has had bodies like this before, back in the long ago. Back before her long hibernation, she knew about bodies like this with their weak arms and legs, their lack of claws and teeth. It was a challenge back then, learning how to use a body like this to hunt and to kill. BackContinue reading “She Was Awoken”

The Shadow Feeding on Darkness

It was like a shadow. It crept along beside her every day. Unlike a shadow though, it was not lost in darkness. Instead, when the darkness came, it grew until this shadow of hers was the darkness. Hella did not know what to do about it. The shadow hung there, like a real shadow, attachedContinue reading “The Shadow Feeding on Darkness”

Twisting the Night Away

  ‘What is it?’ I said, already thinking I knew the answer. ‘It’s a carpet.’ ‘Hmm….’ ‘A magic carpet!’ ‘Bollocks!’ ‘It is… honestly… would I lie to y…. Well, it is a magic carpet. Not a word of a lie.’ ‘What, you mean flying…? All that Arabian Nights stuff?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Bollocks!’ ‘Come on, then?’ ‘What?’Continue reading “Twisting the Night Away”

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