Stories of Beginnings and Endings

There were stories we told each other. We spoke of beginnings, of middles and muddles and of the endings that came before we knew each other. They were tentative at first, half-told tales that petered out into hesitant looks and small nervous smiles. It takes time to know someone, at least to a point whereContinue reading “Stories of Beginnings and Endings”

The Naming of Things

So, this. It needs a name. We give names to places. We give them an identity. Even though this is all there is and she knows of no other place, or even of the possibility that there could be anything beyond the here, she still feels that it needs a name. How can anyone beContinue reading “The Naming of Things”

The Man in Black

‘Morning.’ ‘Morning.’ ‘Are you ready?’ ‘Ready? The man in black looked around. ‘I know I’m a bit early, but I thought the sooner we get started and all that?’ ‘Started?’ ‘The man in black frowned. ‘This is your story, isn’t it?’ ‘I think so.’ He paused for a moment, as he became Steve. ‘Only IContinue reading “The Man in Black”

How the Years Lost Our Secrets

Back then, there were secrets. I could see it in her eyes, that momentary hesitation before she spoke. Of course, we both lied, often to ourselves more than to each other. Somehow, though, that time passed, the lies faded, and those secrets were hidden away as we tried to forget them. Occasionally a memory, aContinue reading “How the Years Lost Our Secrets”

Getting Started

This time was different. She was not sure if she liked it this way, or not. This time, when she arrived on the blank page, it was not blank. There was a room there. Not much of a room, admittedly. It was rectangular, maybe even square. She was not that bothered about knowing if itContinue reading “Getting Started”

Looking for a Story

‘Well?’ ‘Well, what?’ ‘What shall we do now?’ ‘I don’t know. I thought you would have some idea.’ ‘Why me?’ ‘Well, if you don’t mind me saying, you are the protagonist. I would have thought you would have at least some idea of why we are here.’ ‘Me? The protagonist? Whatever gave you that idea?’Continue reading “Looking for a Story”

Out Now! Have a Go (Revised Edition) Kindle Novella

Have a Go [Novella – 17, 500 words approx] [New revised version with a new cover] Out now. Available for the Kindle here (UK) for £1.99 or here (US) for $2.99. All John Russell wanted was a nice cup of tea. But when he accidentally foils an armed bank robbery as he tries to protectContinue reading “Out Now! Have a Go (Revised Edition) Kindle Novella”

A Proper Story

So this was it? He looked around, even though there was not that much to see. He’d been the protagonist in a few of this author’s stories before. He had a fair idea of how it would begin. He knew he would more than likely survive, and get the girl too. This author was notContinue reading “A Proper Story”

A Day in Another Life

She had a memory of this world. Beth knew she had lived this life before at some time. As far as she knew, she had not ever visited this part of the country before. But so much of it was familiar to her from somewhere. She just seemed to know where she was going andContinue reading “A Day in Another Life”

The Mist of Not Knowing

Sometimes all of this shimmers on the edge of being a world. It emerges out of the mists of my existence edge-on. As though all I need to do is, somehow, turn it towards me and I will have a world again. There is no time here. There is no space. All I have isContinue reading “The Mist of Not Knowing”

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