When the World Goes Away

It looked different now. Carla stared out at the sea, standing on the almost empty beach. Already the scene flickered in and out of focus like a poor TV signal on a stormy night. A dog barked nearby. She shifted to see the dog, a young Labrador, barking at the waves as they rolled towardsContinue reading “When the World Goes Away”


She came towards me slowly, the bowl held in her hands. Her eyes flicked towards the guard, but he was too busy investigating the contents of his nose. He looked young, too young to be a full warrior. The women made the sign of belonging with one hand while her other held the bowl. IContinue reading “Escaping”

What The Stories Tell Us

Stories tell us so much. They tell us how the day begins and where the sun goes when the night creeps across the land. They tell us what the animals are and where they hide, out in the mystery of this world. Stories told me of the mists and how, one morning she would beContinue reading “What The Stories Tell Us”

As The Story Unfolds

It began like silence breaking. It started as a story unfolding in front of us. For a while, I thought I was the protagonist, the hero, of the unfolding story. But I am no hero, I never have been and I never will. It was not until the second day of the story, the secondContinue reading “As The Story Unfolds”

The River Of Death, The River Of Life

These were the hills of home. These were the valleys where we began. This is the river of life, now the dead have sailed into the Far World. We gathered the bodies as the village still smouldered. All of us limp with grief and loss. There was not a family left without a tragedy andContinue reading “The River Of Death, The River Of Life”

Day After Day

  It took time. One day there was a future and the next there was none. All we had was the one day. It had stolen our time and left us with one day. It was a day that left in the night and came back in the morning. There were no more tomorrows forContinue reading “Day After Day”

Memory Stones

The words themselves are just standing there in the desert. Describing nothing, they stand as monuments: separate, unconnected, devoid of meaning. I do not have the strength to dig them out of the wind-blown sand, to move them and make shapes out of them, shapes both pleasing and sensible. I carve the shapes, the words,Continue reading “Memory Stones”

Closing Down

It’s true that it wasn’t the job I’d always wanted, but, as I confidently expected to become a rock star in the very near future, I thought it would be good enough in the meantime. So, the job in the record shop, initially part-time while I waited for my big break, felt close enough toContinue reading “Closing Down”


Socks Martin could hear the sound of distant drawers from the bedroom upstairs, Sally opening them; noisily rummaging through them and then ramming them shut again. “Socks! I said: socks!” Sally yelled down the stairs. “Socks?” Martin replied walking across to the bottom of the stairs and looking up. Sally appeared on the landing andContinue reading “Socks”

A Ghost of Memory

She was a ghost, a living spirit from almost twenty years ago. I stood staring, watching her walk down that same street we’d walked down together all that time ago. The shops and street design had changed over the years, since I’d last been back to the town, of course. But it was the sameContinue reading “A Ghost of Memory”

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