While the Rain Keeps Falling

He looked out of the window. It was blue out there, with the thick fluffy clouds below looking substantial enough to walk on. Although, even Plunk knew better than to try that… now. As his assigned guardian angel, Betty, had said after she’d saved him, ‘even you gods are not that immortal.’ Plunk remembered, shivering.Continue reading “While the Rain Keeps Falling”

With His Boots On

The days were much like one another. Glift had heard of the seasons, but – unlike many people – he didn’t think much of the idea. Just because the rain was warmer occasionally was no proof that the mythical and longed-for summer had arrived. Anyway, Glift was fairly convinced that a season ought to lastContinue reading “With His Boots On”

Washed By The Tears Of Rain

We began here in this place of memories. We grew out of this ground, where the past falls and becomes this soil, this earth. This is a place of memories, where the now will grow out into the future. We use the nourishment of what has passed and gone to give us life; to growContinue reading “Washed By The Tears Of Rain”

Finding God

‘It is really not my fault.’ He struggled as they pulled him out from under the hay. It was not a good hiding place. As rural folk, they knew about barns and they knew about hay, and how to find someone hiding inside it. Usually, though they found young – or sometimes not so youngContinue reading “Finding God”

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