Finding the Words

Finding the words doesn’t come easy. Often the words are not where you left them. You could’ve left them sleeping on the pillow next to her warm dreams. You could have left them there a long time ago, back when the times were very different to now. They could be on some foreign shore orContinue reading “Finding the Words”

She Knows Darkness

Her name? Just the echo of some sounds in her mind. She is not even sure if she ever had a name. But everything has a name. He must have a name, even though he never speaks. The things he brings her to eat, drink, to clean herself – all of those have names evenContinue reading “She Knows Darkness”

Getting the Story Going

‘Action!’ ‘What?’ ‘Action.’ ‘What are you talking about? This isn’t a film.’ ‘I know, but I thought….’ ‘Bloody hell.’ ‘What?’ ‘You’re not one of those writers who thinks are you?’ The protagonist peered out of the page. ‘This,’ he glanced around nervously, ‘isn’t going to be literary is it?’ ‘What? No, of course not. Literary?Continue reading “Getting the Story Going”

Words and What They Mean

Slowly the adverbs crept towards the unsuspecting paragraph. Its sentences were relaxed, at ease. They had fought off the last attack by the adverbs and their attempt to break up the solid paragraph’s defensive phalanx. A couple of sentences had been lost, but the paragraph’s words were experienced fighters in the editing wars. They hadContinue reading “Words and What They Mean”

When the Page Thinks About Words

There are no words. At least, there are no words yet, anyway. The page lies empty waiting for something to happen. Sometimes the page thinks it would like to remain white, clean. Remain untouched by the footprints of letters turning into words as they follow the twisting paths of the sentences deep into the paragraphs.Continue reading “When the Page Thinks About Words”

What’s Going On Here?

‘What’s going on here?’ ‘I don’t know, I’ve only just got here myself.’ Jim paused. ‘Anyway, who are you?’ ‘I’m Natalie… apparently.’ She looked down at herself. ‘Natalie?’ ‘So it says up there. So you’re Jim, then?’ ‘It seems so. Do you ever wonder where he gets these names from?’ ‘I think it is oftenContinue reading “What’s Going On Here?”

Held in the Darkness

It was a long dark. It was a lonely dark. Lona lost track of the time, she lost track of her place. The darkness went beyond the mere darkness and beyond the shadows where she knew not to tread. Helda had told her that it was for Lona to come to know the darkness, toContinue reading “Held in the Darkness”

The Naming of Things

So, this. It needs a name. We give names to places. We give them an identity. Even though this is all there is and she knows of no other place, or even of the possibility that there could be anything beyond the here, she still feels that it needs a name. How can anyone beContinue reading “The Naming of Things”

Going Through the First Door

‘What’s going on?’ ‘I don’t know. I just got here myself.’ ‘Look at that?’ ‘At what? There’s nothing there.’ ‘Exactly.’ ‘I don’t understand.’ ‘This must be fiction.’ ‘What?’ ‘The author hasn’t described the scene yet, has he?’ ‘Oh, no. I suppose not,’ he said. ‘How do you know the author is male?’ ‘It’s obvious,’ JennyContinue reading “Going Through the First Door”

Letting the Words Grow

And this? What will it become? What will grow from this? These few words scattered across the page. A hope they will grow into something. A hope they will take shape and form that will grow on down the page into something else, something that goes beyond mere marks on the page. Something that growsContinue reading “Letting the Words Grow”

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