For Those Passing By

For Those Passing By Tension held so taut like cables stretched out Spanning rivers tied by road and rail lines Held so tightly it is possible to Hear a note right on the verge of silence, Humming into hearing, thunder on by Fading into murmur when each journey Hurtles by from over there to somewhere,Continue reading “For Those Passing By”

This Life Flows Like a River

So this, it flows like time, like the river toward the sea. It begins here, with a moment, growing as it moves down towards its end. Our story is a river that turns and twists as it flows. We both started high in these hills of possibilities where the wind, rain and snows erode aContinue reading “This Life Flows Like a River”

Her Only Friends

Sometimes there is nothing to say. Sometimes the words are not there. Sometimes the voice is silent. Sometimes she has gone to those places she goes to when the world is not right for her. There is a place, high up on the cliff she sits to watch the horizon where the sea meets theContinue reading “Her Only Friends”

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