The Look

‘Perhaps this would be a good place to start?’ I said. She looked around. She was not impressed. ‘Not much of a page is it?’ ‘What do you mean? A page is a page. They all look like this until something is written on them. She didn’t seem convinced. She gave me a look. ThatContinue reading “The Look”

A Dirty Mind

‘Don’t worry,’ I said. ‘I’ll think of something.’ ‘Oh.’ She shuffled her feet and gave me one of those looks. ‘What’s that mean?’ I said. ‘What’s what mean?’ ‘That look.’ ‘What look?’ ‘The sort of look a woman gives a man when she’s expecting him to make an arse of himself, or worse an arseContinue reading “A Dirty Mind”

Reality is Not What it Used to Be

‘Is it real?’ I asked. ‘Ah.’ Professor Wilheim thrust his hands into the pockets of his lab coat. ‘That is an interesti-‘ A puzzled frown crossed his face. He withdrew his right hand from the pocket. He was now holding about two-thirds of a cheese salad baguette in his hand. He sniffed it, prodded itContinue reading “Reality is Not What it Used to Be”

That Look in her Eyes

She had that look in her eyes again. Helt was worried. He remembered the last time she’d had that look in her eyes. It had not ended well, at least not for him. What is more to find out she had that look in her eyes meant that Helt had to be close enough toContinue reading “That Look in her Eyes”

Long Live the… King

‘Your Majesty,’ Menvin bowed low. ‘The king is dead.’ ‘Oh.’ ‘I’m sorry.’ ‘There will be a period of mourning, no doubt?’ ‘Of course, your majesty.’ ‘Then after that… my coronation. How long will it be?’ ‘Er….’ Menvin shifted from foot to foot, his eye caught by a detail on a tapestry behind Shilen’s head. ‘MyContinue reading “Long Live the… King”

Damsons in Distress

‘Is it worth it?’ ‘I… what do you mean?’ The squire shifted the load on the tired old packhorse. The horse gave the squire a long-suffering look. The squire turned back to Sir Pokeabit. ‘This going on a quest… is it worth it?’ ‘Worth it? There are dragons to kill, damsons to rescue, treasure toContinue reading “Damsons in Distress”

Introducing the Secondary Characters

‘Hello. All right?’ ‘Hello. Yes… I’m fine.’ James looked around.’Er… excuse me?’ ‘Yes, mate?’ ‘If you don’t mind me asking, who are you?’ ‘Me?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Oh, sorry. I thought you knew. I’m one of the secondary characters.’ He extended his hand. ’I’m Pete.’ ‘Hello, Pete. Pleased to meet you. I’m….’ ‘Oh, I know who youContinue reading “Introducing the Secondary Characters”

Not His Story

Jake stood back, a little to one side of the left-hand margin. It paid to be cautious these days. He studied the page carefully, ready for action if it was necessary. He risked taking a few steps closer. It looked like an ordinary paragraph from here. But these days stories started quite fast. That openingContinue reading “Not His Story”

The Authorial Voice

‘Well?’ She stood, arms folded, staring at me. ‘Well, what?’ ‘You’re the author. You tell me.’ ‘Do I have to?’ ‘Yes. I would have thought you would know that.’ She looked around at the blank page behind her. ‘Could you describe a chair for me? I could do with a sit down.’ ‘Sorry. Yes, ofContinue reading “The Authorial Voice”

After It Is All Over

‘Come here,’ Daniel said, folding her into his strong arms. They kissed as the flames engulfed Doctor Blowhard’s secret island headquarters.   THE END   ‘You can let me go now.’ She struggled out of his arms. ‘The book is over.’ Stella Honeythighs took a step back, away from him. ‘But I thought-‘ ‘I knowContinue reading “After It Is All Over”

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