Notes and Comments: No. 3


A C Grayling at CiF demolishes Tony Blair’s ID card argument and raises the point of whether he is in thrall to the security industry. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time that his naivety, ignorance and gullibility have been exploited by others. I do sometimes wonder if anything can be done to counter the sheer stupidity and mediocrity of those that seem to end up in elected office. Maybe rule by philosophers would be better, after all.

The BBC tells the British story better than anyone’. Well… I’d have to say, ‘yes, they do.’ The BBC is still the best broadcaster – probably – in the world. But, I’m afraid that is because the rest of TV is worse than it once was, and the BBC has shared in that decline too. The BBC has followed the others down, rather than turning its back on them as it should have done. Is ‘saving light entertainment’ really something to be proud of?


Of cows and men:

My comment:

Oh, I don’t know. I’m all for scientific progress. Why, in a generation or two, we may even be able to – somehow – graft some knowledge onto newspaper columnists so that, in the (far distant) future, we may be able to actually have one that doesn’t display their woeful lack of knowledge and understanding when they decide to pontificate on scientific subjects.

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