The Ballad of the String Vest Kid

It was the first Tuesday of the week when the String Vest Kid rode into town. Everyone stopped what they were doing to watch him. Even Dirty Betty, over at the saloon, saw him arrive and she was being paid double to do that thing with a banjo on her knee that all the oldContinue reading “The Ballad of the String Vest Kid”

Fashionable Sexual Perversions

Nowadays we are – or have to pretend to be – rather blasé about sexual perversions. In days gone by, such outrageously obscene perversions such as naked string-length comparison, donkey-basting or even full-frontal accountancy would only be spoken of by consenting adults, and then only in a whisper during the darkest  hours of the televisionContinue reading “Fashionable Sexual Perversions”

Rock Music and the Double-Entry Scene

Bluesscale Cordsequence is probably best known as the lead electric washboard player with 1970s progressive rock behemoth Cashbook Reconciliation. A band at the time who were one of the major acts in what later became known as the British Double-Entry Scene. Of course, traditional English folk music had always had strong links to accountancy, auditingContinue reading “Rock Music and the Double-Entry Scene”

The World’s Greatest Video Game of All Time

Spindizzy Rainbowisland is, of course, the UK’s leading video game designer. His massive worldwide hit from 2008 Grand Accountancy Audit: VAT Return is one of the biggest selling computer games of all time. In addition, the game is a great critical success and marketing franchise. Based loosely on the hit film The Justice League ofContinue reading “The World’s Greatest Video Game of All Time”

A Mathematical Genius

Micturition Psychogoat is probably the world’s leading expert in the field of mathematics known as difficult sums. Not only does he know what seven means, he is also able to calculate his conference-speaking fee to 27 decimal places. He has also made several of the world’s governments pay him tax, even while not living, workingContinue reading “A Mathematical Genius”

The Superhero Saves the Day… Probably

Then… suddenly…!   No… hang on….   Then with all the haste and alacrity of a Public Inquiry she strolled into action.   He trembled in terror. Well, there was a frisson of irritation. ‘Yet again,’ the supervillain, Upstart Naughtyman, snorted, looking down. ‘Yet again have you thwarted my plans for world domination. Curses!’  Continue reading “The Superhero Saves the Day… Probably”

From East of Walsall

She came out of the wild unknown lands east of Walsall. It was sad that she knew too many secrets from the wild lands. That she knew how to conjure and make the politicians do her bidding with only a handful of video files and a single USB memory stick. It was said too thatContinue reading “From East of Walsall”

Headline Acts

Potemkin Fuzzpedal was once the UK’s most famous nightclub and workingmen’s club act during the heyday of those institutions. At least, before TV and social changes brought about the decline of those establishments. Until then, Potemkin Fuzzpedal and his Performing Accountants; a song, a dance and an internal audit were the biggest draw on thatContinue reading “Headline Acts”

Rock ‘n’ Roll Rebel

Bicuspid Tremoloarm, at first, took very seriously Bert Weedon’s advice to ‘Play with yourself Every Day’, and soon developed the strength in his wrists to have a go at playing the guitar. Soon, after a mere twelve years of daily practice, Tremoloarm could – sometimes – manage nearly a whole G major chord. Luckily forContinue reading “Rock ‘n’ Roll Rebel”

The Weasel Code

As is often said, especially by those no-one has asked for their opinion, that there are some moments in the affairs of humankind that are just far too dull for anyone to bother remembering. However, the Weasel Code Incident – as it became known – is not one of them, which is a bit obviousContinue reading “The Weasel Code”

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